Trending Now: The Beautiful Eruption Of Chile's Calbuco Volcano

In the 24 hours since the eruption of Chile’s Calbuco volcano yesterday, YouTube has already seen well over a thousand videos uploaded on topic with combined views in the millions. As news organizations and local residents capture video of this once-in-a-lifetime event, YouTube’s #Popular page has collected some of the most spectacular Calbuco explosion videos in this playlist:

When Calbuco began erupting Wednesday evening, sending plumes of ash into the evening sky, it was the first time the volcano had erupted in 42 years. While there have been no reports of injuries, according to news reports, thousands have been evacuated from nearby town Ensenada and flights in the area have been canceled. Outside of Chile, much of the focus has been on the splendor created by the eruption, magnificent sunsets created, in part, by the ash that had been shot into the air.

If you’d like to know more about this volcano, YouTube’s #news page has assembled this playlist of news stories surrounding the event:

- Earnest Pettie

Trending This Week: Tubular Tinder; Hoff ROFL's

David Hasselhoff Wins the Internet

All of your dreams just came true: David Hasselhoff just released the most incredible music video of all time. Now before you roll your eyes and say -- Darude “Sandstorm” is the best of all time! -- let me just paint you this picture. The video begins on the set of a 1980s action movie, David Hasselhoff sings “True Survivor” over the unfolding action of a cop going back in time to stop Hitler from rising to power. There are dinosaurs, explosions, men riding on the backs of wolves, and at the center of it all, a Hoff that will not be Hasseled. The video is a preview for Hasselhoff’s upcoming movie “Kung Fury” and has gained over 1.2M views in the first 24 hours. Funded entirely through a Kickstarter, “Kung Fury” will be a 30-minute movie released exclusively online May 28. Upon the release of this music video, the former Baywatch star states, “The song is perfect for me as I really am, in real life, a True Survivor.”


Casey Neistat Debuts Daily Vlog

 Three weeks ago, filmmaker Casey Neistat announced that he would be starting a daily vlog -- or as he poetically describes, “releasing a short film every 24 hours.” Neistat is best known on YouTube for the high production and storytelling qualities he brings to each of his videos - and his vlogs are no different. Each video gains hundreds of thousands of views every single day and allows Neistat’s viewers a window into his life as a father, husband, creative, and typical New York City dweller. When questioned about why he, an award-winning filmmaker, would even consider vlogging, Neistat responds:

“Creating a new movie every 24 hours and releasing that movie to an audience of hundreds of thousands of people is an evolution in filmmaking. Our job as creators is to further define any medium, our job is to create the new cliches, not to adhere to those defined by generations past.”

Hillary Clinton Announces Second Presidency Bid

With her pantsuit game stronger than ever, this week Hillary Clinton announced her intention to run for president in the 2016 election via online video. Her video titled “Getting Started,” starts with groups of Americans stating all the things they’re going to begin and ends with Clinton announcing her bid. The video gained over 4 million views in the first 24 hours and hours after it was released, a brilliant SNL parody with Kate McKinnon premiered. Just like President Obama’s decision to be interviewed by YouTubers following his State of the Union address, Clinton’s decision to use YouTube to announce her bid shows just how influential the platform continues to be as a primary news media source.

Tinder in the 1980s

Hard to swipe left on a diskette, am I right? Continuing their series of modern app makeovers, SquirrelMonkeyCom gives Tinder a tubular makeover that anyone born in the age of dial-up will appreciate. Sure in the 80’s, a right swipe is turned into a right click and a profile setup is turned into a mail-in registration form, but at the center of it all is Love. Or finding someone whose picture does not: A) Remind you of any family members and B) Involve a questionable doll collection. The channel’s most popular video happens to be its first upload, a gem titled “If Angry Birds Was an 80s Computer Game.” But a video we will all appreciate -- especially since we all just took our respective team photos together and are full of YouTube love -- is their YouTube in the 90s video.

- Carly Lanning

What Does It Take To Reach One Billion Views?

A movement is afoot to get Taylor Swift's “Shake It Off,” the jam of last fall and winter, to a billion views on YouTube. Taylor has accomplished everything else, so this would be just one more accolade to add to her achievements. But it may be harder than the Swifties think it will be to get her to a billion -- not many people have accomplished it.

A billion views. It's a number with quite a history. It's a number of which people have taken notice Gangnam Style. The second to reach a billion views was Justin Bieber's Baby.
because at some point, every billion-number measure was thought unachievable. In fact, only two videos have ever achieved the big B. The first to do it was Psy's

Baby was uploaded in February 2010. It was a phenomenon that was YouTube's most-viewed video for over two years. It took Baby 1,474 days, a little over four years, to reach a billion views, but when it got there, Baby had already been beaten to the billion-view mark by Psy's Gangman Style. That video, uploaded in July 2012, took only 160 days to reach a billion views. Since then, Gangnam Style has actually hit a billion again. It reached its second billion 527 days after it reached its first. It could hit 3 billion in the time it took Baby to reach its first billion.

If you take 1 billion views and multiply it by the three minutes and forty-five seconds running time of Baby, you get over 7,000 years of watchtime. Watchtime is the name for all the time spent watching a video by everyone who watched it. Let's put that in context. It took 13 years to decode the human genome. It took 20 years to decipher the Rosetta stone. The Roman empire arose and fell in the span of about four hundred years. All of recorded history has lasted just over five thousand years. Since YouTube's birth just ten years ago, we have already devoted more time to watching Justin Bieber's recording of Baby than we have to recording our history on this planet.

It's easier to accomplish reaching a billion views as a channel, counting the views on all videos uploaded to the channel. Still, only 234 channels have achieved 1 billion views.

The first channel to reach a billion views was Lady Gaga's. She celebrated the accomplishment on October 20th, 2010, a couple months ahead Justin Bieber, who once was again second to hit the billion-view mark. It took Lady Gaga 896 days, well over two years, to reach a billion views on her channel. The most recent channel to cross the billion view threshold is Eurovision Song Contest, crossing the billion view mark on March 30th. Coincidentally, of the 234 channel billionaires, Eurovision is the channel that has taken the longest to reach it, having been active since May 2007. Turkish music channel netd müzik did it in less than one year, making it the swiftest to to reach one billion.

Speaking of Swift, how likely is she to reach a billion views with Shake It Off? Well, at the time of writing Shake It Off had 715 million views, not quite three-quarters of the way to a billion, but close. She needs 285 million views to reach the goal. Given this month's average of 2.3 million views a day for the video, she could reach a billion in 124 days, about four months. That's assuming the video is able to maintain its current pace, which is unlikely. Ironically, Taylor Swift would have to pass herself to make it happen. Blank Space, which was released after Shake It Off, already has more views, clocking in at 735 million. She also would have to pass the person who reached a billion channel views on March 20th, Meghan Trainor. Trainor's All About That Bass has 741 million views. Finally, she'll have to pass the man who is close to having two billion-view videos, Psy, whose Gentleman has 821 million views. If Taylor Swift can accomplish this feat, she will be the third person to reach a billion views on a video, but she will be the first woman to accomplish it.

- Earnest Pettie

Trending This Week: Unexpected Collaborations; Email IRL

Natalie Tran - Asians in Media Talk

You may not have heard of her, but Australian comedian Natalie Tran is one of the most popular Asian creators on YouTube, with more than 530M views to her channel and a loyal audience of 1.3M subscribers. In this recent talk, Tran addresses Brown University students about her experiences working in media as an Asian woman. By blending comedy and her personal experiences with racism, Tran takes the overwhelmingly complex issue of race and representation and makes it accessible. Tran is just one of many Asian creators who have found YouTube a place where they are no longer confined to stereotypical roles and they can create content that more truthfully represents their community. Other pioneers of this movement worth checking out: Wong Fu, Timothy DeLaghetto, Kina Grannis, Ryan Higa, the Fung Brothers, David So, BubzBeauty, Mike Song, and KevJumba.

Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack

Garnering more than 15M views in 5 days, Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" (featuring Charlie Puth) has become one of most popular tracks of the year so far, peaking on April 8 with more than 12.5M views in one day (only Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" had more views per day this year). The song, featured in the latest installment of the Fast and the Furious series, "Furious 7," serves not only as the soundtrack's title track, but as a somber tribute to the late Paul Walker, with thousands of fans paying respect to the franchise's star in the video's nearly 20k comments.

Email In Real Life

In their latest sketch “Email in Real Life,” Comedy duo Tripp and Tyler present what life would be like if email norms replaced social ones. The video is a follow up to their sketch “Conference Call In Real Life,” which has earned over 9M views over the last year. Lesser known fact: Tripp and Tyler are nine year YouTube veterans, and through the popularity of their channel, have gone on to write an original book (long before YouTubers writing books was cool) and host live comedy shows around the US.

WHEN U COLLAB WITH RANDOM PEOPLE IN PUBLIC. (and one of them is actually amazing...) 

Following their underground hits, "WHEN YOU'RE BORED ON A PLANE" and "WHEN U COLLAB WITH THE PIZZA GUY," Australian DJ duo Mashd N Kutcher are back with another club banger made up of the beeps, buzzes and voices of everyday people, places and things. The video, released only 24 hours ago, has already amassed more than 600k views and is quickly on its way to becoming one of the pair's top performing videos.

- Carly Lanning & Christine Huang